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Novice Champs Results


I would like to thank everyone who went to Novice Champs today! I hope everyone had fun shooting and our novices did well against some rather scary competition

The results should be here for people wishing to check them:

NEUAL Novice Champs

To end I'd like to say a final well done to our archers, I'm proud of you for competing for us and a big thank you to the seniors who helped out! Much less stressful this year

Congratulations and hope to see you in the range soon!


Tom Holdich

University of Sheffield Archery Club Captain

Posted by Administrator on Sun, 23 Nov 2014


A big thank you to all our members who shot for us today against Keele and MMU Cheshire!

I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves as it certainly seemed that way when I was talking to people.

I would also like to offer congratulations to our senior team of Curtis Tatner, Christian Czerniak, Luke Fox and Tom Holdich for placing first.

Overall a very good and enjoyable day's shooting and I look forward to seeing people in the range and at future competitions!

Keep up the good archery!


Tom Holdich

University of Sheffield Archery Club Captain

Posted by Administrator on Sat, 8 Nov 2014

Novice Champs


Novice Championships will be held on the 22nd of November at Bradford.

This competition is for novices to compete against each other, with seniors not being eligible for awards (although if there is space they might be able to shoot for fun).

Can any novices that want to attend (and I highly recommend it as it can be good fun) please let me know before the 7th of November?

Also this will be the first time that NEUAL will be having a bake off so if people want to enter a cake for this then please let me know, (we have space to submit two I'll post the quote from the entry form below)

"This shoot hosts the first NEUAL Bake off. Rules available in the Start of Term email and NEUAL Dropbox. This Shoot’s theme is “Gluten Free”. Maximum of 2 cakes per club. Please state how many cakes you will be bringing in the entry email. £2 fee per cake to be paid on the day."


Tom Holdich

University of Sheffield Archery Club Captain

Posted by Administrator on Sun, 2 Nov 2014

Competitions update

The first competition of the year has been announced to be on Saturday 8th of November and will be hosted by Keele, anyone who wishes to compete in this competition needs to register interest on the Facebook post or inform the club captain, Tom Holdich.

Also the 'ladder' competition, an internal competition, will be starting up on the 27th of October, there is a sign up sheet in the range for anyone who wants to take part. The ladder competition involves a list of competitors names in a randomised order (seniors at the top novices and the bottom) and challenges can be made with anyone up to three places above and whoever is at the top of the ladder on the end date is the winner. Rules and the current rankings will be uploaded to the website here.

Yasmin Beladaci

University of Sheffield Archery Club Web Officer

Posted by Administrator on Tue, 14 Oct 2014